Smithey Container Homes


Viewing Smithey's art on the wall in your home, corporate space, museum or gallery is one thing, but experiencing it as a piece of architecture is extraordinary.
Smithey's whole life is an installation of some sort. Creativity permeates every facet of his life, from his houses, studio, showroom, art, and furniture designs. 
Zack Smithey and his wife, Brie built their 3100 square foot home out of eight 40-foot  shipping containers that  traveled around the world 12 times on a boat, train, and truck before coming to rest as the structure of the Smithey's home in St. Charles, MO. The Smithey's say they have no desire to "fit in", and believe that being different is a positive trait. 
Smithey offers design and consultation services on container structures. He has designed and consulted on many projects throughout the US since building his in 2017. The Smithey's are featured on Netflix, and has been featured in CURBED, Insider Lifestyle, At Home, KSDK, to name a few!